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Ross and Louis - Choosing the career that’s right for you

Having choice is a great thing, but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and unsure of the right career choice for us. Ross and Louis, two of our former graduates, share below how they choose their first role.

Ross completed a Business Studies degree before joining Lloyds Banking Group on our Community Banking Graduate Leadership Programme.  He now works as an Accessibility Manager where he helps the Group to be accessible to all disabled colleagues and customers. 

“I wanted to work for large organisation with security, opportunity, management development and where I could progress.  At the time working in a bank branch appealed to me”.

“I had two offers on the table.  What swayed me was the personal approach during recruitment in terms of adjustments for my disability at Lloyds Banking Group.  Furthermore, the opportunity to progress and the trusted banking heritage the Group has”.

Unlike Ross, Louis was uncertain of his career direction to begin with. 

“I cannot say I had a clear plan of my career, save to be successful and earn a decent income to be independent. Only since starting work have I decided my future direction”.

Louis studied Economics at university, and joined Lloyds Banking Group initially on the HR Internship before starting the HR Graduate Leadership Programme with us.

“My university careers service suggested Lloyds Banking Group. I liked the look of the opportunities the Group offered.  Their response to my disability - I’m blind - and offer of support is what clinched it for me. They made it clear that my ability mattered, not my disability”.

“Colleagues were what made it for me.  Everyone, no matter how busy, has time to help you develop and grow. I also never imagined the range of opportunities with the Group - jobs I’d never heard of”.

Louis says it’s important to be open about disability when applying for a role and says of his own disability, “it’s not what I am, it’s just something I have”.

Watch Louis' story here


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