Meet the Team

Jane Hatton [square]Jane Hatton, Founder/CEO

Jane founded Evenbreak in 2011. Her main skills include having the gift of the gab, a determination to promote fairness, and finding great people to work for Evenbreak. She also has a degenerative spinal condition which means she lives with chronic pain following several spinal surgeries. Read more about Jane.


Rachael Salt [square]Rachael Salt, COO

Rachael is responsible for helping the Evenbreak business to grow as well as making sure that our processes and procedures run smoothly. Her main skills are sales and marketing and she’s a big advocate of continuous improvement. Her career started in corporate IT, and more recently the toy and game industry. Prior to that she ran her own business for 10 years. Rachael is deafened as a result of a childhood illness. Read more about Rachael.

Meghan Reed [square]Meghan Reed, Head of Training, Consultancy, and Innovation

Meghan is a dedicated advocate for disability inclusion and accessibility. As a disabled and neurodiverse woman, she leverages her personal experience to conduct workshops, provide action-focused consultancy, and create engaging e-learning programs to eliminate access and participation barriers. With her diverse background including allied health and innovation, she has a vast range of experience to draw on in her work. Read more about Meghan.

Account Management Team

Mahomed Khatri [square]Mahomed Khatri, Head of Employer Engagement

Mahomed has a passion to make society more inclusive for all people, and works with our employers to help them diversify their workforce and get the best possible disabled candidates into work. Mahomed has been blind since 2005, and ever since has shone a light on the ability, talent and rights of disabled people worldwide, particularly those with sensory impairments. Read more about Mahomed.

Rele Laguda [square]Rele Laguda, Account Manager

Rele wants our employers to get the most out of working with Evenbreak. Aware of the many benefits disabled people bring to businesses, he is keen to help employers reach the best of disabled talent. Rele has a spinal injury as a result of a car accident in 2004 and is a wheelchair user; he understands well the demands on personal resilience that come with a disability such as his. Read more about Rele.

Lee Mercer [square]Lee Mercer, Account Manager

Lee, who lost his sight three years ago, enjoys working with our employers to help them get the best disabled talent into their businesses. He is very aware disabled talent are premium candidates – he knows it takes a great deal of personal resilience and flexibility to live well as a disabled person. Working at Evenbreak has clarified for Lee just how beneficial working in a truly inclusive way is. Read more about Lee.

Anna [square]Anna Masefield, Account Manager

Anna is neurodiverse and views her dyslexia as her superpower. She joins us with a wealth of experience from teaching, TV production, PR and most recently recruitment. Anna wants to increase awareness of hidden conditions. Read more about Anna.


Marketing Team

Jemma Redden [square]Jemma Redden, Head of Marketing

Jemma is a champion of invisible conditions and fundraises for the MS Society who have supported her greatly since diagnosis in 2008. Jemma is currently working on a walking challenge to reach 5,000 miles over 5 years. As a former journalist and marketing professional, in both not-for-profit and commercial organisations, Jemma brings a wealth of experience to Evenbreak. Read more about Jemma.

Ruby Donaldson [square]Ruby Donaldson, Social Media Manager

Ruby is responsible for managing Evenbreak’s social media channels and communication. She is passionate about finding new and exciting ways of connecting with candidates and employers but is also very dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering them. Ruby has ADHD and Dyslexia. Read more about Ruby.


Titilope Lucas [square]Titilope Lucas, Communications Manager

Titi works with our lovely clients, making sure they receive the maximum value possible from their partnership with Evenbreak. Her own lived experience with mental health means she is keen to help employers remove barriers from their recruitment processes, and create a workplace where disabled people can thrive. Read more about Titi.


Katy Kavaliunis [square]Katy Kavaliunas, Marketing Coordinator

Katy is the youngest member of the Evenbreak team at just 22 years old; her role is Marketing Coordinator which mainly involves composing the weekly newsletter, helping to create the website blog content, and assisting the marketing team to get the Evenbreak name out there! Read more about Katy.


Annie Hyde [square]Annie Hyde, Marketing Coordinator

Annie is passionate about ensuring that workplaces and society are inclusive to all. They work with the marketing team, creating newsletters and blogs for candidates and employers. Annie is autistic and has lived experience of mental health and the barriers disabled people can face in the workplace. They are delighted to work for a truly inclusive organisation run by and for disabled people. Read more about Annie.


Toby Satchell [square]Toby Satchell, Operations Support Manager

Toby makes sure our candidates get the best service from Evenbreak. He has ‘customer service’ right through him, like a stick of rock, and helps candidates using our Career Hive to find the right support for them. He was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis (AMC), but doesn’t let this stop him from being active. Read more about Toby.


Josh Wright [square]Josh Wright, Candidates and Partnerships Coordinator

Josh is the Candidates and Partnerships Coordinator here at Evenbreak. It’s a long title but it essentially means that the core part of his role is to run The Hive website; he uses it to help signpost candidates who contact us to organisations that can support them on their employment journey. Read more about Josh.


Naomi Knott [square]Naomi Knott, Bookkeeper

Naomi plays an integral part in the day-to-day function of Evenbreak; as a bookkeeper she oversees keeping our financial records up to date and ensuring the smooth running of our non-profit business from a financial point of view. Read more about Naomi.


Arron Sleep [square]Arron Sleep, Technical Support Manager

Arron is the younger, but taller, brother of Lewis, and he looks after the job board and Information Security. He matches the high standards set by his brother! Arron also lives with ME.


Alana Gardiner - Administration Assistant

Alana works as an Administration Assistant supporting all departments ensuring the day-to-day tasks run smoothly. Alana is a lover of Excel spreadsheets and all things admin as she prides herself on being organised – something that is essential when living with her invisible conditions. Alana lives with FND and ME/CFS and is keen to show that life can be fulfilled despite health challenges. Read more about Alana.

Lewis Sleep [square]Lewis Sleep, Data Entry Clerk

Lewis works with some of our major clients, inputting their vacancies onto Evenbreak. His talents include accuracy, motivation and a very positive attitude. Lewis has ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



Thirath Cane, Admin Assistant

Thirath does all of the important work for Evenbreak, and keeps us all going. Her main skills are admin, computer skills, and demonstrating incredible patience while trying to teach Jane (Hatton) British Sign Language. Thirath is Deaf.

Our Non-Executive Directors

Tracey Proudlock, Non-Executive Director

With vast experience in the field of disability access and inclusion, including being a member of Equality 2025, she founded her own business, an award winning disability and inclusive design consultancy, in 2004. A wheelchair user, Tracey is passionate about disabled people having access to the same opportunities as non-disabled people.

Raj Mehta, Non Executive Director

Raj is a commercially-focused experienced procurement and IT business leader, trusted advisor and mentor, with an excellent track record of delivering business results, He brings a unique and diverse perspective as a blind individual with extensive experience and knowledge of the corporate sector.

Dan Kirkland, Non Executive Director