What is Evenbreak and why is it different?

Founded in 2011, Evenbreak is an award-winning social enterprise that’s run by disabled people for disabled people. We believe our specialist job board is the most accessible job board in the UK; static pages that we control are built to the highest accessibility standards possible.

We’re here for candidates with any long-term health condition or disability – be it physical or mental health, sensory or cognitive. Our aim is to help talented disabled candidates access a range of opportunities with employers who put talent first. We do this by working with a range of inclusive employers who are not only actively trying to attract disabled candidates but are serious about creating an inclusive workplace.

Should I be open about my access needs?

We encourage candidates to be open about their accessibility needs. However, this is completely up to you. We understand it can be daunting to disclose this type of information to employers.That’s why we work with employers who understand the importance of putting talent first and investing in the right candidates with the right skills set no matter accessibility needs they may have.

It’s also important to consider that disclosing your accessibility needs may help to make the interview process more manageable for you and give you a greater opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities. It’s also important to allow employers to have the opportunity to make adjustments or adaptations to their interview process.

Do all your employers offer guaranteed interview schemes?

No, Evenbreak’s employers don’t all offer guaranteed interview schemes. However, our employers are committed to finding the best candidates by putting talent first and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve this.

Will Evenbreak find a job for me?

We don’t find a job for you, we provide the job board which lists opportunities from a number of employers who are keen to attract talented disabled candidates. That said, there are a number of things you can do to help your job search.

  • You can upload a CV to the job board and make it searchable so that employers can find you using keywords for the sort of skills they are looking for.

  • You can set up alerts – did you know that 1/3rd of jobs are applied for by someone responding to an email alert?

  • You can come along to one of our free ‘Meet The Employer’ events

We also have the Career Hive, packed with career advice and articles from our qualified coaches who all have lived experience of disability.

Will I be supported during the job-hunting process? - What if I need extra support or mentoring?

We know the job search process can be frustrating at times, that’s why we’ve spent time putting together a database of organisations who might be able to help. As well as National organisations we’ve also tried to find organisations near you because they will know more about your local area and the job market in your area. Have a look at our searchable database of local and National organisations.

If you can’t find a service that meets your needs then you might be interested in some of our events and workshops, or you might want to speak to one of our qualified and experienced careers coaches. Have a look at the Evenbreak Career Hive to find out more.

You’ll also find plenty of resources with helpful advice and tips on everything from CVs and covering letters to interview tips.

As well as these resources we offer a comprehensive range of tailored support including:

  • Free One-to-one careers coaching

  • Practical help and advice such as interview practice and CV development

  • Group sessions

  • Webinars with coaches and ‘Meet the Employer’ events

  • Signposting to more specialist services if required

  • Signposting to Training opportunities

You can also sign-up to our newsletter for more great content and resources.

What if I can’t find the job I want?

We are always working to add more roles to our platform but we would strongly advise that you set up a job alert for the type roles you want. It’s a quick and easy process that takes less than a minute to setup!

I’m worried about applying for jobs

We understand how daunting it can be to apply for job roles as a disabled candidate, that’s why we only work with employers who are serious about attracting talented disabled candidates.

We run webinars, workshops and one to one coaching via the Evenbreak Career Hive – where you can find help and advice from our qualified career coaches.

I haven’t had a good experience applying for jobs in the past. How are these employers different?

All our team are disabled so we have lived experience of the challenges and barriers faced by our candidates. At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered whether to disclose our condition and most of us have, at one time or another, decided against applying for ‘our dream job’ because we’re ground down by the rejection.

That’s why we work with employers who will look at your talent first! They might not get every stage of the recruitment process 100% right (although some of them will!) but they are committed to finding the best person for the job – regardless of disability. We also work with employers and offer them plenty of practical resources to help them develop their competence and confidence around disability.

How do I know if I qualify for support from the Evenbreak Career Hive?

You are eligible to access support from the Evenbreak Career Hive if you think you are not being considered for jobs because of a disability or a long-term condition that would need an adjustment. This can be at any stage of the application process or in the day-to-day job itself.

If your long-term condition or disability is hidden, this still applies – including mental health, autism or dyslexia, amongst others.

We will help you make the most of your skills and talent through our resources.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK or Ireland, it doesn’t matter if you are on any kind of benefit and you don’t have to sign up for any long-term support or coaching.

I’ve tried schemes like this in the past. How are you different from other employment services?

All our coaches have lived experience of disability and understand some of the barriers faced by candidates with a disability or long-term health condition.

Evenbreak’s Career Hive Service is different from other employment services because

  • You don’t have to do a course

  • You can drop in and out as you need to

  • It doesn’t matter where in the UK/Ireland you live

  • If you are in receipt of benefits – it makes no difference

  • We don’t get paid when you find a job – we fund the support you receive

  • You can work with other organisations if you want to

  • It’s delivered in a way that suits you

Can I choose a coach in my field or with a similar impairment?

We will try to match you most closely to a coach who can help you with the support you tell us you are looking for.

Can your coaches only help me get jobs with employers who are registered with you?

We will help you find a role regardless where it’s advertised. The roles on Evenbreak are from employers we know are actively trying to recruit diverse teams, but our coaches will help you apply for any role.

All our resources are available for anyone to use. Many of the articles are written with a slant towards disability but they are up-to-date current thinking and can be used by any candidate, whether they are disabled or not.

What If I need adjustments?

The employers we work with understand they need to make reasonable adjustments to support employees with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions. They also understand the importance of making people feel confident about asking for reasonable adjustments.

Did you know that Access to Work can also provide extra support with any reasonable adjustments or workplace needs, including mental health support?

What about accessibility?

If you have any accessibility needs, then please let the employers know so they can make arrangements if need be.

Isn’t this just a feed from an employers website?

We don’t take feeds from any employers who haven’t signed up for our services so you can be assured that our employers are all committed to attracting talented disabled candidates.

Some of the employers we work with post their roles individually and some have so many roles to advertise that they ask us to take a feed from their existing job site.

This isn’t a bad thing! We take feeds from their job sites precisely because they are advertising ALL their roles on our platform - not deciding who they think a job is ‘suitable’ for in advance. This means you get to consider all the vacancies available to all candidates.

I only want Home working/Flexible/Part-time roles

You can use the filters on the job board to refine your search.

If there are no jobs of a particular type at the time you are searching (for example no homeworking jobs) then that option will not appear in the menu. The best way to make sure that you never miss an opportunity is to set up alerts. Also – if you are specifically looking at home-based roles it’s worth looking at jobs in the ‘flexible’ job type as well because often employers will consider home-working.

I no longer want an account on Evenbreak

Simply drop us a line and we’ll remove your account.